The world has entered into a new age. We have heard of the stone age or the copper age in human history. The new age is the age of computers. All the people of the world is somehow connected to the cyber. With the foresight of the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina is entering into an important chapter of digitalization in 2021. A new age has also begun in Bangladesh. From buying the bus tickets to tender drops, modern technology is being used everywhere. Using internet usage is a lot like using electricity. At present without electricity the living conditions of the people as well as the country becomes immobile.

But then again, death is inevitable if someone touches any device containing electricity with empty hands. One has to learn how to use internet like one has to learn how to use the electricity. The social media that can bring our friends closer to us or create social movements, it can also cause the deaths of many people like in Ramu or Nasirnagar. So to use the Internet, you need to know how to use it first. Only then we will really be benefitted from using the Internet. Today, since there is no other option without using the Internet, there is no alternative to know the risky aspects of the Internet and take remedial measures for that. The subject of this cinema revolves around this aspect.

Today, the Internet is not limited to just social media or buying tickets. The security of the country is also linked to the internet today. So although the story of the film begins with a light hearted tone, gradually the main character of the film who is a computer-savvy woman, will become aware of a significant cyber-attack on the security of the country and will be able to save the country from that threat. She will create a special platform with the young generation and protect the country from the cybercriminals of the outside world.

More and more new technologies are coming in the future. The common people should be informed about the ability to use those technologies. We believe that cinema is a very powerful medium. By using this medium, it is possible to enter deep into the human minds. So, we want to make these statements through cinema through fulfilling the demands of entertainment.



Primary Objective of Ontorjal (অন্তর্জাল) is to build,

  1. Awareness of using the Internet
  2. Dealing with cyber risk
  3. Ability to use future technologies

On the other hand, we know that cinema has the power to influence the people in several ways. It has changed the society and social trends and has rather introduced new fashions in society. Films can go a long way in arousing national consciousness and also in utilizing the energy of the youth in social reconstruction and nation-building. Cinema has not only released the feelings, insights and impulses possible but also employed and encouraged thoughts and ideas that help in transforming the society as a whole.


Research and story-writing

Writer’s team will be informed about the current cyber activities in Bangladesh through multiple interviews with cyber experts to write the story of this film and will focus on any cyber risk which is very necessary and unprecedented as we talk to experts on various aspects of cyber risk. It can be Cryptocurrency or something else. Whatever it is, it will be permitted by the appropriate authorities of the ICT Ministry. The story of the film should also be acceptable to the tech-savvies; therefore, cyber experts will be directly linked to the story so that it does not give any misinformation.


Summary Story Line

In this cinema, we will show the picture of Bangladesh in 2021. The digital sector has progressed a lot. From the banks to the financial transition and other places, the people of Bangladesh living a progressive life with digitalization. The main character of the cinema is an average boy living in a village who has very few knowledge on computer science and programming. He comes from village to a modern city. He becomes excited seeing the city. How this boy utilized his knowledge about computer to make a living in the city will be focused here. He will create a special platform with some young brains to protect the country from Cybercriminals. He gets to know about a cyber-attack on the national security of the country. He and his team try to fight with the cyber- attackers. At the first attempt they fail to win. But at last they come with full preparation by developing their skills and becomes successful to protect country from the cyber conspiracies. The people of whole Bangladesh get to know about this and the young people gets inspired to use their technical knowledge to protect their nation.