Fake news spread via Facebook has triggered several communal clashes resulting in deaths in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s post and telecommunication minister told DW Facebook failed to create measures to identify hate speech. In this circumstance, proper knowledge on internet vibes and rumor is the only solution for Bangladesh. Though Information and Communication Technology Division of Bangladesh is planning to introduce the concept of media literacy to a textbook that could effectively help the younger generations to maintain responsible behavior on social media. But it requires a high level of awareness among the users. Spellbound Communications Limited an affiliate advertising agency of Leo Burnett proposed an innovative wayto communicate mass and aware them regarding proper knowledge on Internet using where Ontorjal (অন্তর্জাল) can be a unique way for Bangladesh, the fifth largest internet using country of Asia.



On one of the biggest celebration occasion of our lifetime, the movie will be tribute the leadership of Bangabandhu and to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and many other things for the freedom of the nation. This movie will be a significant addition to the celebration of 50 years of Bangladesh, a way to raise technology awaremess anong the mass people of Bangladesh and a way to promote Bangladesh globally.